Vaadin 10 Flow With Kotlin

It is indeed possible to write Vaadin 10 Flow apps in Kotlin. Here are a couple of resources to get you started:

Those videos will also help you to download and start with the very simple skeleton application.

  • The skeleton application which contains everything necessary to build the app and launch it, and it only introduces a very simple UI: a button and a text field. You can find all the necessary information here: karibu10-helloworld-application
  • A more polished application which shows additional components and also demonstrates the ability to connect to a Polymer Template: the Beverage Buddy application. It has no database access support and only serves in-memory dummy data. It is a part of the Karibu DSL framework; instructions to get it and launch it: Beverage Buddy.
  • The same Beverage Buddy application as above, but uses an embedded full-blown H2 SQL database and is based on the Vaadin-on-Kotlin framework: Beverage Buddy.

Please feel free to post any questions at the Vaadin Forums.

Written on November 4, 2017