Daijirin 大辞林

Aedict allows you to download the Daijirin 大辞林 J-J (Japanese-Japanese) dictionary to your phone. Please follow these steps:

  1. You need to create an account on Aedict Online if you don’t have one yet. The account is free to create.
  2. Go into Android Aedict Settings / User Data / Aedict Online Settings and enter your Aedict Online username and password to the first two items. You can use the “Test Aedict Online username/password” item to verify that you have entered everything correctly. You do not need to enable the “Synchronize With Aedict Online” setting in order to get Daijirin.
  3. Purchase Daijirin.
  4. Please mail me a proof of purchase (a receipt, a photo of Daijirin CD) to martin@vysny.me; also don’t forget to include your Aedict Online account user name.
  5. I will activate the Daijirin for you, and I will send you a confirmation mail.
  6. After you receive the confirmation mail, go into your Android Aedict’s Settings / Dictionaries / Dictionary Manager. Daijirin should now be present in the list. Touch the “Daijirin” list item to download it to your phone.
  7. Activate Daijirin in Settings / Dictionaries / Custom Dictionary - make sure that also the Daijirin option is checked.

That’s it - now all of your searches should be performed also in Daijirin. If you need any more information, please feel free to ask it in the Daijirin EPWING Support Thread. Please feel free to ask questions on the Aedict Users Mailing List.


Q: Will the installation Daijirin J-J disable the default JMDict J-E dictionary?

A: No, you can have multiple dictionaries enabled and the search will be performed in all of the dictionaries that are enabled.

Q: Where to buy Daijirin?

A: Unfortunately I do not know that; however I will accept any proof of any purchase: Daijirin CD, e-book, a book itself, or an mobile phone app.

Written on September 10, 2019