The First Post

As you’ve probably noticed, the Patreon campaign is over. Many thanks to all supporters for their kind support! Without your support, Aedict wouldn’t be so advanced as it is now. However, I came to a realization that Patreon is not the way to make money. I will therefore be closing the Patreon account and canceling all support pledges.

This however does not mean that Aedict is dead. I am definitely not giving up :) What I’m going to try next is to make the basic features of Aedict 3 available for free, locking out advanced features behind a recurring payment via Google Play. This way, the users can directly support Aedict via Google Play; this move will also protect against the piracy. I have no idea whether this move will yield more sustainable income, we have to jump the ship and see.

Currently the progress is behind-the-scenes: I finally succeeded in finding a replacement for the aging way of storing your notepad and tags. It’s not CouchBase Lite - that’s a piece of junk and it will go away. If you tried to use it please switch to the File-based database while the new way is implemented. The new UMN Database is still in alpha and the documentation is sketchy, but it’s based on a rock-solid and blazingly-fast H2 MVStore.

Android mandates that all app updates must support the runtime permissions, so I’m going to work on that next. That’s a lot of changes under the hood, and given Android fragmentation, I’m sure it’s going to crash a lot :-D Stay tuned, and thanks!

Written on July 21, 2018