Building Vaadin 14+ apps offline

This could be tricky: not only you need a Maven repository proxy/cache which will allow Maven to access and download Vaadin jars (and transitive dependency jars), you also need a (p)npm proxy/cache which will allow (p)npm to access and download JavaScript client-side stuff used by Vaadin.

Tips for Maven repository proxy/caches:

  • Tiny Maven Proxy looks simple and extremely useful
  • Nginx could also work
  • Sonatype Nexus used to be good but now it looks enterprisey
  • JFrog Artifactory - perhaps you’ll manage to download and run it locally

Tips for (p)npm proxies/caches:

Using Vaadin Licenses in offline mode:

  • See licensing FAQ
  • Pass the license via a JVM parameter to Maven via
Written on November 15, 2021